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Suchhi Kumar is a popular Indian actor and talented model. Suchhi Kumar is best known for his role as Suchi in Mission - The Last War. Suchhi Kumar follows the motto “my life, my way and my destiny” and he states the meaning as “My life is my way, my way is my destiny and my destiny is my life”. Suchhi Kumar entered the modeling field in his young age with the energetic face and engraved body. Suchhi Kumar has his surprising turn on entering in the Bollywood movies with the aspiration acting career.

Early Life And Inspiration:

Suchhi Kumar is from Benares Uttar Pradesh and become the excellent model with winning many awards. Suchhi Kumar is also known for his spirituality and the always states that God comes first in the life and then his career. Suchhi Kumar is considered as a sportive person and very ambitious to improve in career. Mr. Suchhi Kumar started his careers as the young model who also won the “Best Physique” award in North India. He consolidated his modeling career and shifted to Delhi. Suchhi Kumar also acted as the Brand Ambassador for many brands that includes Levi’s, Leo shoes, Kumar shirt and many more. Suchhi Kumar is also the most adoring and inspirational personality as he uses most of his time researching and developing many new concepts for his projects.

Suchhi Kumar Talents:

As a child, Suchhi Kumar enjoyed his acting and model career with many number of roles. Acting is his passion and the does whole heartedly covering many audiences favor. Suchhi Kumaris also talented as a director and the worked with many brilliant Bollywood industry directors. He gained more experience from the directors about the way of acting along with the aspiration for increasing the modeling career. Suchhi Kumar travelled around the world for learning various cultures along with the techniques for improving the acting career in the excellent manner. He is inspired by many different personalities and applied the experience on the international film industry. Suchhi Kumar has the martial arts skills and he is blessed with talents of mastering the Karate from the talented and experienced masters in Japan. Suchhi Kumar has established himself in the field of acting, modeling, martial artist, music, stuntman, director and many more.

Family of Suchhi Kumar:

Suchhi Kumar is from a well spiritual family and they boost him to improve in his career in his early age. Suchhi Kumar is grateful for all his family members so he achieve his dreams in acting career. His father and Mother has taught him great values for taking the right decision at right time so that he sets his goal on the right time. He has come through many toughest part of his career and finally acted in Bollywood movies. With his fantastic performance in the movie Mission- The Last War, many directors has his attention for the brilliant action in the role of succhi. Suchhi Kumar is known for his Honesty, Commitment and Sincerity. He is looking forward to begin with Bollywood offers for giving the audience with the best acting. He recently have many upcoming projects that gave him the opportunity to prove his acting and modeling career to the audiences.

1 Mission- The Last War” directed by Dilshad Ahmadstarring with Aruna Irani, Kiran Kumar, Amrish Puri

2 Family directed by Rajkumar santoshi starring with Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, BhoomikaChawla

3 "Kahani gudiya ki" directed by Prabhker Shukla

4 Bidhi key bidhaan

5 Kuch tum yaad kero kuch hum yaad kere

6 Drona - The Real Hero

7 Game of crime in taj city

8 Sirf 5 din 2016 release in June

9 Hunt, Directed by Praveen dodeja

10 Slum the hell, Directed by praksh singh

Suchhi Kumar is quite famous for his role in many number of movies and shows the excellent acting performance in the best manner.

Suchhi Kumar Titles:

These Titles encouraged Suchhi Kumar to gain more confidence in his acting and modeling career.

Other Activities Of Suchhi Kumar:

• Mr. India bodybuilding completion 2014 Chief Guest

• Boxing Championship in Mumbai Chief Guest

• Mumbai Kabddi tournaments Chief Guest

• 100s of Shows all over India

• Brand ambassador for Kumar Shirt, Leo shoes, Levis

• Video albums

• Humanitarian Bollywood actor of the year 2016 new york USA.

Special Guest in Mauritius with Manisha koirala/Gulshan grover

events save the Nepal ,,,,

Special guest in Mumbai worli

Suchhi Kumar has his film based on real crime scene happened in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The excellent message inspired for his awesome film is that it has themes that include the “CRIME PAYS ITSELF”. There are many famous fashion magazinessuch as LA MODE and FILMS TODAY @W2 fashion magazine of Africa also added Suchhi Kumar’s pictures on the cover page March 2015 and May 2013respectively. Apart from modeling as well as acting field of Suchhi Kumar, he also played the role for the Goodwill Ambassador. On 17th December 2015, “We care for Humanity” a social organization has appointed Suchhi Kumar as the Goodwill Ambassador. Suchhi kumar also received exclusive annual giftfrom the “We care for Humanity” and “The Travelling Princess Maria Amor” that is collaborated. The organization has offered equal opportunity for the children during the holiday season.First annual operation service has been conducted with more than eight thousand children from 12 countries 17th December 2015 to 21th December 2015 in Raipur and hosted on Suchhi Kumar​












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